The Immediate Future of Structural Heart Care

Personalized medicine using simulation to transform the safety of care for structural heart disease patients.


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What we do

DASI Simulations (DASI- acronym for Direct Analytical Surgical Individualization) provides decision support to personalize heart surgery (e.g., valve implantation) powered by advanced computational predictive simulations using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall cost.

DASI transforms structural heart device implantations, such as heart valve replacement, by providing optimal treatment strategies for each patient using state of the art data-driven biomechanical solutions. These evidence-based simulations involve 3D modeling based on the patients routine clinical imaging data followed by hybrid algorithms incorporating artificial intelligence, and proprietary predictive biomechanical models.

Groundbreaking Technology

Our simulations offer innovative techniques for measuring otherwise undetectable heart procedure complications.

Groundbreaking Technology

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Personalized Simulations

Our one-of-a-kind simulations are completely customizable to the patient.

Personalized Simulations

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Benefits for Patients and Physicians

Increased patient safety and physician satisfaction

Benefits for Patients and Physicians

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Our Solution

Delivering exceptional outcomes.

Cutting-edge modeling platform simulating many structural and hemodynamic outcomes of valve replacements which allow for precise device optimization relating to replacement type, size, and position. Proprietary algorithms help determine the risk for potentially life-threatening complications such as coronary obstruction, aortic root rupture, and thrombosis. Our platform gives medical professionals otherwise unobtainable risk assessments leading to much more informative decision-making and safer solutions.

The latest in scientific achievements
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery | 2020

Simple 2-Dimensional Anatomic Model to Predict the Risk of Coronary Obstruction During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery | 2020

Modeling Risk of Coronary Obstruction During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.
Cardiovascular Surgery 

Providing Optimal Treatment Strategies

Using state of the art data driven biomechanical simulations, our platform provides information to individualize treatment strategy for each patient.

These simulations involved 3D modeling based on patient’s routine clinical imaging data followed by hybrid algorithms incorporating artificial intelligence combined with proprietary predictive biomechanical models.

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Expert Testimonials
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Passion is what drives us

We are committed to improving individual patient outcomes one simulation at a time.

Our Mission

We providing innovative personalized simulations

For informed pre-op preparation toward a better quality of life for people with heart disease. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, our platform helps operators plan to avoid coronary obstruction, root rupture, permanent pacemaker implantation, paravalvular leakage, and valve thrombosis. 

Using our platform will enable medical professionals procedures with more informed decisions.

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